The Waiting Game

Curiosity killed the cat.

Good thing cats can’t use the internet.


Barley & Rye is being brought to you by Megan & Brian. (With generous support from Sportsman’s Inc.) Creators of another bar you may know. It’s called The Mitten. We’ve had a unique opportunity to expand our portfolio, and this is our next venture. Want to learn more? Drop us a line.


Barley & Rye is a new bar coming to beautiful Downtown Ludington. We plan to focus on three things:
Whiskey. Lot’s of it.
Beer. From lawnmower to world class.
Food. Common food, done uncommonly well.


We plan on putting this together very quickly. We anticipate to be open early July of 2013. Yeah. That fast.
Some say it can’t be done. Some also said we couldn’t have a bar that serves only Michigan beers. We like proving people wrong. However, the only way we’re able to pull something like this off is with the help of all our generous supporters. So if you’re one of them, thank you!